Awesome Certificate Courses in Wildlife Management & Conservations

Wildlife is the world of living things that have no tangibility with the human race. The wildlife or the hemisphere of unknown animals and plants have been unrecognized by mankind for a very long time but the studies regarding wildlife have made it much easier for those who have the zest of knowing the incredibilities of wildlife. There are a number of wildlife courses that are helpful in getting into the world of animals and plants. In the list given below, we would discuss the certificate courses in wildlife management and the certificate courses in wildlife conservation.

Wildlife management and wildlife conservation are two important edges of wildlife and both are crucially connected with each other. For ages, mankind has been dependent on wildlife but now the dependence has exceeded to the destruction of wildlife.

Wildlife conservation courses teach you to prevent the destruction of wildlife and the management courses train the students to make the programs that are needed in the process of conservation. Thus both of the certificate courses are minutely related to the wildlife. If you are the one who has the enthusiasm towards plunging into the world of wildlife then these courses may help you in finding your path.

Certificate Course in Wildlife Management

Wildlife management teaches you the art of using science in balancing the requirements of wildlife with the needs of human beings. There will be implications of mathematics, chemistry, biology, ecology, climatology, and geography in the process of the best outcomes. It also teaches you the science of managing the environment in such a way that would lead to the benefits of animals, soil, land, and plants.

It has game keeping, wildlife conservation, pest control as subdivisions. Gamekeeping is the process of drawing limitations in the number of gaming birds and animals. Wildlife conservation deals with the problem of the elopement of rare species and tries to prevent it and pest control helps in saving the destruction of useful plants by harmful pests. These are the basic subdivisions of the wildlife management course. Here are some institutions that are offering you certificate courses in wildlife.

Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun

The Wildlife Institute of India has the best course of wildlife short studies. The management course that the institution provides includes activities like excursions in local areas, wildlife orientations, field works, and so on.

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Duration: 3 months.

Course Fee: 3.20 lakhs, covering the charges of lodging and boarding, travel allowance, books, and study materials.

Eligibility: The students should have a higher secondary background in environmental science and should have a basic course in forestry. The maximum age should be no more than 45.

Kuvempu University Shimoga, Karnataka

Kuvempu University, Shimoga, Karnataka offers in wildlife and management. The certificate course in wildlife at Kuvempu University includes 4 semesters with field works and project works regarding forestry, plant resourses, taxonomy and diversity of angiosperms, ethology and parasitology, management of protected areas, wildlife breeding and genetics, ecotourism and so on.

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Duration: 2 years.

Course fee: INR12.95, 000.

Eligibility: The candidate must be a science graduate or should have a B.Sc. degree in subjects such as forestry, agriculture, veterinary, fisheries. The students who are Engineering graduates can also pursue the course if they have studied Botany, Zoology, Biology in their higher secondary level.

Aligarh Muslim University

Aligarh Muslim University gives the opportunity to opt M.Sc. in Wildlife Science and Biodiversity Studies and Management. Biodiversity and Management focus on the vast variety of organisms on earth.

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Duration: 2 years.

Course fee: INR136, 320 per year.

Eligibility: the candidates are required to sit for a departmental entrance exam to get admission. Apart from that, they are expected to have an undergraduate degree course of 3 years in Biological science or Life science. The candidates with Physical Science as their main subject can also have an admission if they had opted for Zoology and Botany as their subsidiary subjects in their graduation level.

Michigan state university

Michigan state university of US is offering the students, who want to peruse certificate course in wildlife for their further studies, the course of Fisheries and Wildlife BS. The course includes the study of natural resource management, natural writing, environmental writing, solvings of ecological problems and many more.

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Duration: 3 years.

Course fees: INR3Cr.

Eligibility: for international students, it is necessary to have good proficiency in the English language. Along with that good academic performance, rank in class, the strength, and quality of the previous curriculum supports in getting the admission.

Humboldt State University

The certification course that Humbolt State University offers is on Wildlife. The course is to teach the students about ecology of urban wildlife, ethology of wildlife, wildlife conclave and many more wildlife related contents.

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Duration: 3 years.

Course Fee: the university charges a tuition fee of $7,858 for the students who belong to the state and those who are out of state candidates are needed to pay $19,783 for taking the course.

Eligibility: A legal transcript in evidence of the student’s completion of coursework in college preparatory. The non-California residents need to have a minimum GPA of 3.0 to have an admission.

Certificate Courses in Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife conservation is the studies about protecting the species that are being extinct. The elopement of certain animal and plant species are harmful for ecology and environment and wildlife conservation studies tries to find out the reasons behind these destructions and teaches the methods of ceasing the banishing process. The list provided below are about the institutions that offer certificate course in wildlife conservation.

Bharati Vidyapeeth

Bharati Vidyapeeth offers M.Sc. in Wildlife Conservation Action which is the studies of Ecosystem, human ecology, wildlife health, research methodology, biodiversity assessments, wildlife law, and trade control, and other areas associated with wildlife conservation. The curriculum includes rescue programs, understanding of ecology, involvement in the rehabilitation of wild animals, and so on.

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Duration: 2 years.

Course fee: INR1.8Lakh.

Eligibility: The applicant must hold a bachelor’s degree in any science subject such as Botany, Zoology, Statistics, Physics, Geography, Geology, Life Science, Environmental Science, Microbiology, Marine biology, or any other relevant social science subject with 50%. Students with other subjects can also apply if they have 3 years of experience in the field of conservation.

North Orissa University, Baripada

North Orissa University has the wildlife conservation certification in Biodiversity Conservation which focuses on the protection and conservation of the different species, habitats, genetic diversity and many more.

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Duration: 2 years.

Course fee: INR66.97, 000.

Eligibility: The applicant pursuing for this course needs to have a bachelor’s with a science background.

NCBS, National Centre for Biological  Sciences

The certificate course in wildlife that is offered by NCBS is on Wildlife Biology and Conservation which focuses on the animal behaviour, wildlife biology, wildlife ecology, animal habitat and many more.

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Duration: 2 years.

Course fee: the candidates who get selected after the entrance exam are bestowed with studentship which covers the academic fees and other expenses. This studentship’s durability depends on the student’s dedicated performance.

Eligibility: the applicants who have 50% of credibility in their bachelor’s degree can get admission.

Anglia Ruskin University (UK)

The Anglia Ruskin University has wildlife conservation certification in animal behavior applications (M. sc.) which trains for understanding the animal behavior to flourish in the career of animal conservation and applied wildlife conservation which increases the skills of the using GIS.

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Duration: The animal behavior application course- 15 months.

Applied wildlife conservation course- 12 months.

Course Fee: INR12, 97, 268.

Eligibility: Students are expected to have a background of Honors in science and required minimum experience of conservation. International students must have good credits in the English language.

Montane State University (USA)

The Montane State University offers certificate course in wildlife regarding Fish and Wildlife Management. This course is for those who are pursuing with the theses regarding fish of wildlife management crisis. This degree in wildlife conservation can lead the students to get a Ph. D or to become a biologist.

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Duration: 2 years.

Couse Fee: INR20, 21, 202

Eligibility: The candidates who are willing to take the course need a bachelor’s degree in any related subject from a recognized university. The international applicants need to have a GPA of 2.5/4.0 and should complete an online application with proof of proficiency in English. Along with school or college transcription submission through the mail, the candidate also needs to pay an amount of USD 38 as an application fee.

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