Rohit Sangar – Entrepreneur by Profession, Wildlife Photographer by Passion

Wildlife photography has become very demanding now a days. Everyone loves nature and want to explore little extra about it. However, not all want to leave a life behind and stay in jungle to pursue a career where he or she is interested in.

Today, in this blog, we are introducing you to such one person, Rohit Sangar, who loves nature, wants to explore it and wish to capture the moments through his lens but by keeping his business from the city.

Let us read his story to know how he keeps the best of both the worlds!

Introducing Rohit Sangar

Born in orange city of India, Nagpur – Maharashtra, Rohit Sangar graduated in B.Com. Passionate about Cricket, he played in various competitions for the school and college levels. Not only that, but he also played in Under 19 and Ranji trophy. He was a part of club cricket in England and played for Brondesbury Cricket Club in the Middlesex league. No doubt he is passionate cricketer and specifically quick bowler.

Although his life was more oriented towards this game since childhood, he always had interest in wildlife and nature.

Rohit Sangar visiting the Corbett Tiger Reserve

How was Rohit introduced to wildlife?

A visit to Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve was a turning point for Rohit. The first time when he explored Tadoba was back in the year 1987-88. He remembers that drive through the pristine wilderness in his own vehicle. With the few rules and regulations in the park, he had explored quite a bit of every corner of the jungle.

After a year, he bought his first SLR camera to freeze the moments that he was witnessing. The journey of wildlife photography by Rohit began quite slowly and steadily. Over the years, after gaining lots of experience from wild, SLR was replaced by DSLR and Auto mode pictures were replaced by shutter priority mode art. A wildlife enthusiast was turned into a well experienced wildlife photographer.

BBC Earth Featured: A Sambar deer out in the open grass plains of Panna National Park.

What role does Rohit play to contribute to wildlife conservation and protection?

Wildlife conservation and protection is a fulltime job, Rohit believes strongly. He thinks that social media influencers, now-a-days, have given their opinion about things without realizing that the ground reality is completely different. According to him, being a forest officer or a forest guard is quite an under-rated job profile. These guys are excellent at their work. Conserving and protecting forest from poachers and hunters at the cost of life is not an easy task.

Although he keeps busy with work, he is always enthusiast about whatever little contribution he does by creating awareness among the people through his images, videos and stories.

What is Rohit’s primary source of income?

Rohit, along with his brother, runs a brand called ‘Maple’. It is a furniture manufacturing plant that focuses on making high end luxury furniture. His company manufactures a wide range of products from ethnic to Indian and from Straight line to Contemporary. They work in Seasoned Teak Wood and Burma Wood which is carefully sourced from various parts around Nagpur by taking proper care of vegetation and wild flora.

What does Rohit think about making wildlife as a full-time career?

According to him, wildlife as a profession needs a lot of dedication and sacrifices. It is demanding yet challenging. It is not everyone’s cup of tea. Thus, think twice and be sure before jumping into this sector as a primary profession.

Wildlife as a Profession is demanding yet challenging. Success is only guaranteed if there is patience just like the Hunting.

Rohit’s future plans

Well, my future plans at the moment are to keep exploring new wild areas that are not so crowded, creating awareness as well as job opportunities for the tribal and local people around these reserved forests so that they happily support wildlife conservation and protection” he says. He strongly believes that tourism plays a big role in wildlife conservation and this is what least city people can contribute to.

Top tips that Rohit has given to the budding wildlifers

Being a wildlifer by hobby, he advises newcomers to explore the wonders of nature. He strongly believes that self-learning through experiences is the only way here. However, there are many good YouTube channels that give tips about photography.

Conjoined Twins – A picture clicked by Rohit in Masai Mara

Trainings and training platforms that Rohit suggests for beginners to go through before they pursue their passion in Wildlife?

“Wildlife courses are good to begin with. However, putting your skills on the field is a real test. More practice you do on the field, more learnings you gain,” says Rohit.

Rohit’s achievements

By pursuing the art of capturing the wild moments, his photographs are published by few of well-known e-platforms such as BBC Earth. This has always encouraged Rohit to keep exploring this sector of life.

A beautiful message that he added up at the end wasYou may get thousands of likes on Instagram or Facebook but at the end of day you should be enjoying what you are doing. Let rest of it happen by its own way’.

Winter mornings in the open grasslands of Kanha national park with this beautiful specimen

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